ob·jec·ti·fy: tr.v. 1. A concrete representation of an abstract idea.

Objectify is a community that began from an annual circus & fire gathering built on the abstract idea of play.

ab·stract: adj. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

The annual gathering is a space for our community to come together, create, share, explore, learn & play surrounded by passionate like minded people from around Australia & the world. A place of circus & fire, passion & flow arts.

From our increasingly connected, efficient and highly productive lifestyles we can easily forget about the existence of play. It is easy to put life in front of play and deny ourselves the enjoyment we get from play. In one way play has become an abstract concept, easily palmed off as a waste of time, linked with a lack of responsibility or something kids do. We all play. I love play; In it’s many forms play is fundamentally essential to our well being.

Objectify began as a concept in 2008 became to be in 2012. Part of the desire for being at gatherings and festivals around the world, including music festivals, is to connect, relax, maybe let loose and escape the mundane & play. Be with friends and let your hair down. Work hard / play hard. This is great as an offset to any potentially unsatisfying aspects of our lives. Objectify was designed around this idea.

Of the many festivals and events I have had the pleasure of being part of, circus and play festivals I found to be the most rewarding physically, emotionally & energetically. The culture is not about being drunk or high and seeing your favourite bands / dj’s. It is a culture of learning & growing, coming together as a family & community, sharing our knowledge and playing.

A collaboration with you…

In essence, what Objectify has become is a play community.  The annual event creates a lush, creative, safe space to bring you and many others together to relax, play & learn, and to connect to with the family again.

Why? Why not!?!

I am lucky enough to travel the world teaching and performing alongside many incredibly talented people. Many of us will not make/get the opportunity to see or learn from (youtube just isn’t the same) many of these talented people or experience the awesome events around the world. Objectify is a space to bring what is happening around the world back home, for us to create in our own special flavour.  Where we can learn interesting, unique, weird, bizarre, great things that other people have mastered or mastering.  Each one of us has something unique that we have worked on.

We have something to learn from everyone.

When & Where?

Objectify will always take place in late November / early December.  Summer has arrived.  Beautiful weather, storms with personality, lush rainforest with a beautiful creek to dip in hidden on the edge of the Conondale National Park just north of Brisbane where we can all relax & play in an area free from policies & restrictions away from the world.

How? With you of course! Would you like to teach?

The focus of Objectify is around being open to learning and sharing with each other, open to play. Share what you know. Only you know what you know. Tell the world!!

Teaching and sharing is wonderful for truly understanding what you know and enhancing your own knowledge.  Teaching has amplified my learning immensely, something I am very addicted to (a very healthy addiction to have).  One thing I have found through my travels that the most interesting people I have met in life share one thing in common (which is quite a lot of people, including you and if not hopefully soon), a passion to learn.

A day spent learning & playing is a day well spent. Have you played today?

Would you like to be part of Objectify?

If you have anything to share, anything at all! please fill out the workshop form on the Get Involved page and let us know what weird or wonderful thing you have to share with everyone at Objectify. We all would greatly appreciate this so please do! Your sharing will make Objectify what it is.

Thank you!

I am super excited to be sharing my time, doing what I love, in a beautiful location surrounded by wonderful people. I hope that you can join us.

Have a fantastically wonderful day.

Thank you for taking the time to read. -Brian, 27/10/2012 & updated 22/7/2014 (A bit of a mish mash of writings)