Objectify is about sharing. A place for people to come together and share their ideas, passions and knowledge created through your own play and practice, experimentation and learning. It is a community of passionate people who love to play. You being one of them.

Everybody has something to share!

It could be something small unique and strangely interesting, could be the extension of another’s idea, maybe a way of moving and expressing yourself bringing out your personality, maybe you have discovered the ultimate practice method for a particular idea (like making tea?), are you the creator of a new idea or concepts redefining particular areas of play that the world hasn’t seen yet? Maybe you are a master at management, delegation, cooking, building, cleaning, anything. Whatever it is we have all worked on something unique and mastered something individual to us.

Sometimes it is a little weird (like learning how to isolate your jaw (I’ll show you at Objectify)) and other times you will have discovered something the world is yet to see and will take on board. Objectify is the place to share you and what you have learned over your lifetime.

We want to see what you can or have created.

If you feel you have anything (really anything!) that you would like to share including your time please fill out an application, this includes workshops & teaching, performing, volunteering etc. There are many roles that go into the creation of this space and we want you to be part of that.

You will need:

  • A profile’ish photo of yourself. (The less normal the better)
  • Many many photos of you playing.
  • If applying for workshops descriptions and details of the workshops you want to teach
  • Link to your website for promotion
  • Link to video of you (teacher / performer)
  • If volunteering why you want to volunteer and what you can bring to the festival
  • You can have many profiles, one for teaching, performing, volunteering etc, each having specific information to promote you.
  • The name people refer to you by & country you call home
  • How long you have been playing.
  • A biography or anything you would like to share about you.

I will then put you up in the relevant part of the website so that everybody can look forward to having you as part of the festival.

We are looking for people to fill roles in (& more):

  • Safety management / fire space
  • Kitchen / Food
  • Site prep & pack down
  • Gate
  • Teachers
  • Performers
  • Cleaning
  • Stage / Show

Come join the family that is Objectify.

Teacher Application: http://www.objectify.net.au/applications/teacher/

Performer Application: http://www.objectify.net.au/applications/perform/

Volunteer Application: http://www.objectify.net.au/applications/volunteer/