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Frequently Asked Questions


Read through our frequently asked question (or unfrequently as many are generated by us).  If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here or on the site please contact us with your question and we’ll add it to the FAQ.

No.   No, no, absolutely not, and did I mention no?

Fire breathing may look great, but it is incredibly dangerous and it will not be allowed at the festival.  If you make a mistake you could potentially end up in hospital for anywhere from 3 months on, and potentially lose your ability to do anything physical for the rest of your life.  3 seconds of looking good for a lifetime of suffering.  It is not worth it.

Most fire spinners know the danger, and think of it as a dumb and dangerous activity to do.  It’s not cool and will not win you any brownie points with anyone at the festival.

Please leave fire breathing for, actually just don’t do it, and definitely don’t do it at Objectify.

Fire breathing will get you banned from fire play, and if you continue I will have to remove you from the festival as we cannot risk your health, nor does any sort of insurance cover it.

So please, please do not fire breathe. It will be easier for all of us.

Maybe! Most likely but unknown. You will probably be lucky and someone will have a spare set.

Generally most people passionate about fire & play will let you play with their toys, but not everyone.   Some people have professional toys made custom for them, and become rather particular about their use, I for one am one of these people.  Custom toys are expensive, like a set of poi or double staff can cost more than $150.  Each burn shortens their life span and when you spin a lot this becomes amplified when others use your toys.

However, I tend to keep all of my older toys which is great! That means I have spare toys for other people to use, and I am not the only person who does this.

So there is a good chance that you will be able to borrow someone elses toys, but please ask the owner first.

Many toys will also be available for sale over the weekend.  So if you discover something you like, there will be some great quality toys available for purchase, usually higher quality than what you will find in stores. (Teachers make great toys because they spin often and know what works).  So come prepared to grab a shiny new fire toy :D.

Totally!  Bring them along.

Kids, children, young play things 12 years and under are free entry at Objectify. Up to two free with each paying adult ticket.

Play is the greatest foundation for our lives, now and always.  The freedom to create, share, explore, learn & play is built into our nature, fundamentally engrained into our being.  We desire to play, and that desire never goes away.  When we block this desire, we begin to die.  The oldest people, with healthy strong minds have played their whole lives.

So yes, please bring them along, and play.  We may even have a kids play area if we get enough interest, care to help create it?

A note! Children you bring are your responsibility. We love kids, but we don’t enjoy being tormented by or having to maintain someone else’s kids, we are all there to play and have fun. Please be aware of what they are up to if you bring them along. Also put through a kids ticket on the website with your adult ticket purchase so we know how many are coming along.  See you there 🙂

Yes! So much yes.
What a great way to set yourself up with a vast array of toys and workshops to play in.

Most teachers teach workshops to a broad range of levels. There will of course be workshops that you may not be able to do but you can still attend these to get an idea of what is available through play.

In my first year of spinning (while I was still working in a corporate beighe/grey office) I attended spinning workshop festival called 2UberOz.  Wow.  That opened my mind to the potential of fire & circus.  8 years later I have taught and performed in 14 countries, run fire spaces for festivals, and run Objectify, this festival based around the beauty of play.  Who knows what doors will open or where it may lead.

I hope to meet you there.

No… We can all be smelly hippies! YAAAAAAY!
There is a creek for you to submerge yourself in water if you don’t feel like being a little smelly.

The water is clean, drinkable clean. It comes out of the conondale national park with no farm land or any housing along the way. We are the first property the creek reaches from the national park.

We request that you please do not use soap or any chemicals in the water. If you require soap of some sort to wash your hands/face please take some water and wash what you need away from the creek. Chemicals / soaps change the PH of the water and affect the organisms living here and downstream.

If possible please wash off any fuels from fire spinning before entering the water. We want to look after the site as much as possible.

The fuel is a hydrocarbon solvent based on petroleum naptha refined for use as a metal lubricant for machinery use.

Petroleum naptha is derived from crude oil and refined into many variations of chemical makeup and flash points. These include white gas in the US which is highly volatile and dangerous, keroscene / parrafin, turpentine, and many more.

As with any fuel the fumes are not healthy to your body. A filtered face mask is recommended for any fire play, one that is capable of filtering gasses as well as particles (the cheapest ones are not effective enough).

After being in close proximity to burning fuels for over 8 years (a LOT of fire spinning) my body is starting to reject the fumes/smoke. Sometimes I feel like I have a chemical induced pneumonia from being near the fuel for extended time period, coughing continuously. This stuff is not good for your health, so please be mindful when you are spinning.

For more information:
Petroleum Naptha wiki page:
Hydrocarbon Solvent wiki links:

Short answer, No.

I love animals, but as much as I love them, not everyone does.
It would be preferred if you please leave your pets at home. We are in a forest setting with a lot of native species around.

If for some reason this is not an option please talk to us and we can see if bringing your pet along is feasible. If you can please find an alternative home for the duration of the festival.


The ticket price may seem a little expensive for some, but for such a small niche community festival in a remote location, this is a fantastic price for what is on offer. Unfortunately not everyone can afford it. If this is your situation, put in a volunteer application.

We need 10-15 volunteers for everything to run smoothly. Gate, kitchen, toilet, setup / pack down, fire space, site clean etc. An exchange of a ticket for your time to help bring the festival together.

The site has a long, dirt road which is steep in one part. This road does not deal with the rain very well and if the road gets muddy vehicle access to the site becomes very difficult.

Once we are in, we are in if it rains. I will have a 4wd to be able to tow anyone in / out if the situation arises. Minimal traffic on the road is preferred during rain as to not damage the road.

We won’t be stuck, but you may need assistance getting out.

We dance in the mud!!
If it rains, we may get a little wet. The show must go on!

Bring an umbrella. In 2013 it rained throughout one night and for the first half of Saturday, then the sun came out and dried it all away.

If you have access to, or know of someone with a rather large sized portable shelter, cover, dome, tent etc please let us know, the more shelther the better.

Short answer? No.

People have been known to find reception by venturing up the hill, but this lucky. If you are in need of telecommunications throughout the weekend there is a phone at the house of which we receive messages via, or we can organise for you to use it. There is also wifi at the house nearby if we need access.

The toilets are good old fashioned long drops. Or in this case, short drops. Don’t fall in.

Unlike conventional flush toilets, your poop is not washed away at the push of a button. This means that sometimes over the weekend our bodily excretions may get a little smelly. When this happens we grab some lime and soil to remove the odour.

The toilets are kept clean by us (this means you also) and a volunteer looking after anything requiring attention. If we are mindful and leave the toilet clean each time we use it maintainence over the weekend is minimal and we can all enjoy functional clean toilets.