Objectify Taste Delights

That glorious tasty life force known as food.

Good meals are important to keep us going through our days so we ensure the menu is wholesome and filling. The menu is looking very tasty for Objectify this year.

Breakfast Menu by ActivEarth and 282x80-writing-white-background-transparent

Bringing you breakfast will be ActivEarth with their activated wholesome organic muesli with milk/yoghurt/coconut milk. Mixed with fresh fruits or a selection of breads & spreads for the happy little vegemites will make for a filling start to the day.

ActivEarth Foods is the creation of two amazing fire spinners Sven & Manon. They have put down their toys to bring you the the most wholesome naturally tasty muesli you may have ever eaten.

The ingredients are certified organic and put through a process of activation. Activating seeds & nuts is a process of soaking & dehydrating the ingredients to remove the enzyme inhibitors & phytic acid which prevent their proper digestion & absorption; making the nutrients more readily available to our bodies.
ActivEarth muesli mixed with fruit & yoghurt/coconut milk it is a great way start to the day.

ActivEarth Website: http://www.activearthfood.com.au

Lunch & Dinner Menu by ??

The menu is currently in the works. We are in search of a chef for Objectify as our regular chef is not available at this time. If you know of anyone please be in contact!


For the time between meals where the hangry’s take hold there will be fresh fruit & a selection of nuts & other nibble’s to keep you going.

I look forward to eating well & sharing meal times with you at Objectify.
Eat well, sleep well, be well.